Mix and Match diamond wedding rings in white and yellow

Don't miss your chance to own a piece of history! The Bez Ambar Mix and Match Collection are being discontinued, and this is your last chance to buy it at an amazing price. Get yours today!
  • PV2SF-18kw.
  • White Diamonds-1.26ct
  • Width: 3.30mm
  • Price: $5918- Sale-$2690
  • 35602YD-18KY
  • Width: 3.5 mm
  • Fancy Yellow Diamonds 0.76ct
  • Price: $6930- Sale-$3150

B2195-2 Row Pave Band PV2SF,
B6771-2 Row Yellow Diamonds Bookend Band 35602YD

B6772-2 Row Yellow Diamonds Bookend Band 35602YD

For any questions regarding the Bez Ambar Fine Jewelry, you can contact:
213-629-9191 service@bezambar.com  or Inquire bellow.


SKU: B6771-2 Yellow Diamond Bookend Band (x2), B2195-2 PV2SF (x1)

All gems are GIA certified

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