Mix and Match diamond wedding rings in different color combinations


Introducing the Bez Ambar Mix and Match Collection! This unique collection offers the look of different diamond rings all in one. You can wear the rings individually or stacked together for a bold, dramatic look. The possibilities are endless!


    • PAVE2UAFTBBD-2 Row Twinkle White & Blue Diamonds Eternity Band,18KW Size 6.5+
    • White Diamonds-0.26ct
    • Blue Diamonds-0.52ct
    • Total Weight-0.78ct
    • Width: 2.95mm
    • Price: $4675- Sale-$2125
    • 3561PS-Knife edge Pink Sapphire Eternity Band 18KP Size 6.25
    • Width: 2.10mm
    • Pink Sapphire 0.95ct
    • Price: $2420- Sale-$1100

    B3635-2 Row Twinkle White & Blue Diamonds Eternity Band PAVE2UAFTBBD,
    92588-Knife edge Pink Sapphire Eternity Band 3561PS

    92589-Knife edge Pink Sapphire Eternity Band 3561PS

For any questions regarding the Bez Ambar Fine Jewelry, you can contact:
213-629-9191 service@bezambar.com  or Inquire bellow.

 Each creation of fine jewelry is treated with special attention to the gem's faceting arrangement and consistency of color and clarity.  Each design represents a unique creation set to fit your specifications.  Stone caratage and metal weight will be given for information only - and may vary from one creation to another.

SKU: PAVE2UAFTBBD-2, 3561PS (x2)

All gems are GIA certified

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