Diamond stud earrings women - "Ring of Fire" 3662 - 3ROF24

  • 2 Round diamonds with a total weight of 2.02 carats G VS2 
  • 1.01 carats of Blaze® Cut Diamond Earrings
  • Price: Between $12,000 to $17,000 
  • Please contact us for more information.

The Blaze Cut Diamond's pavilion facets are designed to be ten times larger than those in traditional diamond cuts. They can match better with a ten times larger stone, producing a more proportional and visually appealing diamond. The more significant facets also allow more light to enter the stone, creating bursts of vivid colors or fire ten times larger than those made by other diamond cuts. This is why the Blaze Cut Diamond is a popular choice for engagement rings and other jewelry, where the size of the stone is a significant factor in its overall appearance.



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SKU: B3662 - 3ROF24

For any questions regarding the Bez Ambar Fine Jewelry, you can contact: 213-629-9191 - service@bezambar.com  or Inquire bellow.

Each creation of fine jewelry is treated with special attention to the gem's faceting arrangement and consistency of color and clarity.  Each design represents a unique creation set to fit your specifications.  Stone caratage and metal weight will be given for information only - and may vary from one creation to another. All gems are GIA certified

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