Mix and Match diamond wedding rings in white Diamonds #2

    Introducing the Bez Ambar Mix and Match Collection! This unique collection offers the look of different diamond rings all in one. You can wear the rings individually or stacked together
          • CHBDF-1 Row White Diamonds Eternity Band 18kw Size 6.5
          • White Diamonds-0.31ct
          • Width: 1.95mm
          • Price: $2310- Sale-$1050
          • 35552-1 Row White Diamonds Eternity Band 18KW Size 6.5
          • Width:2.08 mm
          • White Diamonds 0.65ct
          • Price: $3058- Sale-$1390

      B4992-1 Row White Diamonds Eternity Band CHBDF

      B4993-,1 Row White Diamonds Eternity Band CHBDF

      B6507-1 Row White Diamonds Eternity Band CHBDF
      B3948-1 Row White Diamonds Eternity Band 35552

      B6547-Row White Diamonds Eternity Band 35552

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     Each creation of fine jewelry is treated with special attention to the gem's faceting arrangement and consistency of color and clarity.  Each design represents a unique creation set to fit your specifications.  Stone caratage and metal weight will be given for information only - and may vary from one creation to another.

    SKU: CHBDF-1 (x3), 35552 (x2)

    All gems are GIA certified

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